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Summer 2021 interns Alexis, Cyan and Stevensky 

ELevate to EVEN, plus...

Eleven+ levels the playing field for underrepresented young adults to break the cycle of social and economic inequality that exists in our communities. We facilitate access to formative work experience for students and help nonprofit and for-profit organizations tap into a pool of promising young talent.

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Our Mission

Eleven+ disrupts systemic inequality by providing underserved students with access to transformative, paid internship experiences that get them to even — and beyond.

Our Vision

Our vision is equal access to formative work experience not limited by economic status, geography, or the legacy of structural racism. When Eleven+ is successful, we believe students from disenfranchised communities will succeed as far as their drive, talent, and ambition take them.  

Our Purpose

Students from underserved and disenfranchised communities often lack the access to internships which are critical in building skills and creating networks. Eleven+ levels the playing field, ensuring these students can get great paid internships doing formative work. As a result, young people gain applicable skills, valuable experience, and a network of mentors and peers that are critical to future success in the workplace.

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This summer's internships made possible in part by funding from:

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Don and Penny Pray


The Lisa and Joseph Amato
Family Foundation

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Providing the key to success through financial contributions and the gift of time

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 Nonprofits & For-profits offering internship experiences to students, funded by Eleven+

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Schools, foundations and community groups identifying qualified interns


There is only one race, the human race.

― Robert Sobukwe

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