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We are immeasurably proud of the Elevate to Even Plus interns!

As a criteria for participation in the our internship program, students must have demonstrated achievement or potential in some aspect of their lives, whether in the classroom, on a team, or in their community.  Even with previous success and signs of promise, each summer these students surprise themselves with what they are capable of doing.  And beyond their personal growth, they are making a lasting impact on their host organizations well after their internships conclude, creating a rich legacy of making a difference.  Their future — and that of all of us — is bright!

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2022 New Jersey interns attended a networking event at Reeves-Reed Arboretum.  Photo by Basse Media.


2022 New London, CT interns at their headshot photoshoot.  Photo by Brenda De Los Santo Photography.


2022 Cleveland, OH interns at their headshot photoshoot.  Photo by Photos Colette.

Eleven+ intern lunch.jpg

2021 intern lunch in Summit, NJ

2021 New Jersey interns at the headshot photoshoot. Photo by Basse Media.

2021 high resjpg.jpg
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