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You can help change a life

Elevate to Even Plus cannot operate without the generosity of others who believe in our mission and purpose.  By donating your financial resources, you are making a direct, positive impact on a young person's life.  We have minimal overhead and so the vast majority of donations received are directly used to fund internships.  These internships also support the nonprofit sector, whose organizations' limited budgets too often prohibit them from employing the resources they need to further their own objectives. We'd love for you to become a part of this win-win proposition.

Financial donations go a long way. 

  • $5,000 will support one intern for an entire summer

  • $2,500 will pay a full-time intern for a month at $15 per hour

  • $1,000 will fund 10 sign-on stipends for students to help them buy work clothes or other essential supplies

  • $600 will support an intern for 1 week  

  • $100 covers an intern's pay for a day, pre-tax 

  • Literally any amount can help make a difference by supporting a student's life-changing experience

Payments by check, payable to "Elevate to Even Plus Inc" may be mailed to us at

P.O. Box 281,

Summit, NJ 07902-0281


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Alexis, a 2021 Eleven+ intern

Because time is money, too. 

We can use your help in many ways:

  • Establish relationships with potential talent pools

  • Identify organizations interested in hosting interns

  • Support grant research and applications

  • Develop and deliver intern coaching sessions

  • Design mentoring guides for nonprofit partners

  • Assemble intern job descriptions

  • Perform analysis on participant survey results

  • Implement online and in-person intern peer communities

  • Coordinate volunteer activities

  • Develop public relations campaigns

  • Promote Eleven+ through your social media accounts

To volunteer

If you are interested in supporting the mission of Eleven+ with your time, please let us know how you'd like to help. 

Please contact us by email by clicking the Volunteer button.


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Don and Penny Pray


The Lisa and Joseph Amato
Family Foundation

Eleven+ is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, registered in the State of New Jersey. All donations are IRS tax deductible.

EIN 86-1182213

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