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Intern Alum Appointed to Board

India Charles appointed to the Elevate to Even Plus Board of Trustees

The Elevate to Even Plus Board of Trustees is delighted to announce the election of India Charles to the board effective immediately. As a dedicated advocate for social welfare and an undergraduate student at the University of Eastern Connecticut majoring in Social Work, Ms. Charles is poised to bring a valuable stakeholder perspective and an infusion of energetic leadership to the board.

While studying Social Work at CT State Three Rivers College, India was part of the inaugural Elevate to Even Plus internship program in Eastern Connecticut. Her exceptional commitment was recognized as an intern with the New London Homeless Hospitality Center (NLHHC), leading to a part-time position as a Tenant Representative for UniteCT at NLHHC. This role highlighted her dedication and capabilities, earning her a commendable recommendation from her manager at NLHHC and aiding her successful transfer to Eastern Connecticut University.

Since then, India has been an active alumna supporter of Elevate to Even Plus while demonstrating impressive leadership and guidance skills. India has also served as a part-time Food Pantry Assistant at FRESH New London, underscoring her commitment to community service. Recognized for her potential, India’s nomination was enthusiastically endorsed by Higher Edge, our intern talent sourcing partner in New London, for her leadership and personal experience.

“We are thrilled to welcome India Charles to our board,” said Stacey Slater, Board Chair. “India’s rich background in social work, her prior experience as an intern, and her profound understanding of community needs make her an invaluable addition to our team. Her fresh perspective and proactive approach will be crucial as we continue to serve underserved students in each of the communities where we operate.”

India also expressed her enthusiasm about joining the board, “I am deeply honored to serve on the board of Elevate to Even Plus.  I personally benefited from the internships it facilitates, and this is a great opportunity to give back. I am eager to help advance its mission and support our community in Eastern Connecticut and beyond.”

India’s election comes at a pivotal time for Elevate to Even Plus as we seek to enhance our outreach and social equity impact. Her role as a trustee promises to strengthen our mission and expand our impact nationally.

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