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Matching Gift Opportunity

Join the Challenge by July 21!


Did you know we've placed nearly

50 interns this summer?



And you can take advantage of a

Matching Gift opportunity

While our nonprofit partners provide formative work experiences for our interns, they depend on grants from Eleven+ to pay them.

Funding to Eleven+ is down significantly compared to 2022, and we have raised only 60% of what we need to provide to our hosting partners to cover this summer's intern wages.

A small group of generous donors have stepped forward to help us close this deficit through a matching gift challenge. They will match all donations up to $25,000 if received by July 21st. You can be part of a movement that helps to get us to the finish line!

Donating to Eleven+ supports our efforts to close the wage gap for people of color. We do this by providing our interns with skills and experiences that will help them get jobs in their chosen professions faster and for more money. But your donation is also supporting over 40 nonprofits to expand their capacity and reach, and that helps everyone in the communities they serve!

An internship can put an additional $1.5 million into a person of color's lifetime earnings, getting them to even. You can make the difference. Please join the Elevate to Even Matching Gift Challenge today!

To learn more about how you can help Eleven+ level the playing field for underserved students, please contact us at

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