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Mayor Nora Radest joins the Board

Summit, NJ - March 30, 2024 - Elevate to Even Plus, Incorporated proudly announces the appointment of Mayor Nora Radest to its board of trustees. Mayor Radest's extensive experience in public service, advocacy, and community leadership will be invaluable assets as Elevate to Even Plus continues its mission of empowering underserved students through transformative internship experiences.
Mayor Nora Radest brings a wealth of experience garnered from her tenure as the Mayor of Summit, NJ, from 2015 to 2023. Throughout her distinguished career, Mayor Radest has been a steadfast advocate for education, community development, and social equity.
Mayor Radest's commitment to service extends beyond her mayoral role. She has served as a Trustee of The Connection and PEP, demonstrating her dedication to enhancing community resources and opportunities. Additionally, Mayor Radest's involvement as a founding member of Speak Up Summit underscores her proactive approach to addressing community needs and fostering positive change.
Her contributions to education in Summit are exemplary. Mayor Radest served on the Summit Board of Education from 2001 to 2006, including a term as President in 2003. Furthermore, her leadership at the Summit Educational Foundation from 2007 to 2012, including a term as President from 2008 to 2011, highlights her unwavering commitment to advancing educational opportunities for all students.
Mayor Nora Radest's own educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bowdoin College and a Juris Doctor degree from Fordham Law School.
Expressing her enthusiasm for joining the board, Mayor Radest stated, "I am honored and grateful to be joining the Board. I've been a big supporter of the Elevate to Even Plus mission for years and am excited to continue doing so as a trustee."
Founder and president Andrew Walker added, “Nora has been giving us tremendous advice and support for years, starting back when Elevate to Even Plus was just an idea. I am thrilled that she’s coming onto the board to help us expand our reach and impact.”Elevate to Even Plus, Incorporated, headquartered in Summit, NJ, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating formative, paid summer internship experiences for underserved students. Through mentorship and strategic partnerships, Elevate to Even Plus aims to equip students with the skills and resources necessary for personal and professional success.
For more information about Elevate to Even Plus and its initiatives, please visit

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