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Our donors made 2021 a huge success!

Updated: Sep 23

Eleven+ wishes to thank its 2021 financial contributors for not only making this inaugural intern program possible but also for helping to make it such a success. We couldn't do this without you.

Thank you to:

Doug & Elizabeth Bradley

Karen Bratburd

Kirk & Laura Brett

Thomas Bruhn

Kath Carter

Sandra Clary

Kathy Connelly

Ben Cross

Claas Ehlers

Richard Fiore

CJ & Heather Fitzgerald

Kevin Franceschelli

Doug Gallardo

Susan Ginsberg

Christine Hippe-Ribaudo

Daniel Horner

Robert Horsley & Laura Hamilton

Anca Maritescu

Sarah Meiring

Pam Metzger

David Naidu

Eric Newberg

Elizabeth Prensner

Nora & Rob Radest

Rick Gubbels & Tracy Lewis


Stacey Slater & Jonathan Sacks

Rose Spector

St Paul's Church, Chatham, NJ

Benjamin Walker

Christina & Andrew Walker

Emily Walker

Paget Walker

Robert Walker

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