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So close with only this week remaining

We're in the final leg of our matching gift campaign.

A few weeks ago, a small group of generous donors offered to match all donations received by July 21st, up to $25,000. We're now within striking distance of that amount, and it won't take much more to turn $25,000 in donations into $50,000!

We can use your help to get us over the line. Please donate by July 21st.

Why does this matter? Eleven+ provides small grants to each of our nonprofit hosting partners so they have the funds to pay each intern's wages. Eleven+ insists that all of the interns in our program be paid, and so we provide the funding to make it happen. We have placed 47 interns with nonprofit hosts this summer but we require additional financial support in order to cover all of these interns' wages.

Eleven+ is all about disrupting systemic inequity in our society. Our chosen medium is summer internships because many internships today are unpaid or are supported with small stipends that don't sufficiently compensate the students for their work. This model perpetuates inequality since many students, particularly students of color from low income backgrounds, cannot afford to take low or unpaid internships, depriving them of the valuable skills, experiences and relationships that will help them land jobs faster and for higher salaries after they graduate. Internships are a great equalizer, getting our students to even and beyond. Your support makes it possible.

Thank you to all who have already participated in this campaign!

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