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Update on Matching Gift Campaign

We announced a $25,000 matching gift campaign on June 8th. A small group of generous donors are doubling your donations until July 21st, ensuring more young adults' internships are funded, giving them access to the opportunity to realize their full potential.

The campaign's pledge is to match donations of up to $25,000. We're pleased to report, three weeks in, we've raised an additional $12,375 in donations. With the match, this bring us to $24,750! This is great progress and we're so grateful for the support we've received.

To those who have already contributed to this campaign, THANK YOU!

If you've not yet contributed to this campaign, any amount helps, so please consider supporting our students and changing the trajectory of their lives. Without your participation, we could be leaving additional funds on the table. So join us -- any amount helps and will be matched!

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