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We're expanding to Connecticut and California

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Eleven+ has established talent sourcing partnerships with two fantastic organizations.

Higher Edge in New London, CT, guides low-income and first-generation students through enrollment, retention, and graduation from college by providing the support and resources needed for success. They are perfectly suited to help us identify great students for internships in Eastern Connecticut.

KIPP Public Schools in Northern California is a network of public charter schools educating elementary, middle, and high school students. 17 Schools in 7 Cities. 6,171 Students. Maintaining a robust alumni network, KIPP NorCal will help Eleven+ provide talented interns to organizations in the Greater San Francisco region.

If you would like to inquire about partnering with Eleven+ by either hosting interns in your organization or providing access to other pools of talent, please contact Andrew Walker at

If you would like to support us with a donation, please click below. Thank you!

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