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What's in a name? More than you'd think.

Elevate to Even Plus Incorporated: A Name in Transition

What's in a name? For Elevate to Even Plus Incorporated, formerly operating day to day as Eleven+, the answer is quite a bit. As Founder Andrew Walker sought a more concise representation of the organization's mission, he settled on the amalgamation Eleven+. While easier to pronounce, it often left people questioning its significance. The explanation that "el" represented "elevate" combined with "even" and "+" was required to be added to most introductory conversations, effectively defeating the purpose of the shorter name. Eventually, Walker was even compelled to add a page to its website to explain the meaning.

It’s time to acknowledge you might have a naming problem when you have to have a dedicated page to clarify “why Eleven+”.

However, at a recent board meeting, the trustees reached a consensus: as the organization matures, it's time to bid farewell to Eleven+. While web and email addresses may retain the old moniker (, the organization has ceased using Eleven+ in its branding.

But what will replace Eleven+? The path forward isn't yet clear. While exploring alternatives, one leading contender is "Elevate+". Simple enough. Another suggestion, "E2E+", proposed by ChatGPT, was deemed too reminiscent of an Excel error. Visual representations, such as the use of a symbol akin to the one temporarily employed by the artist Prince, might be clever but even harder to explain!

For expediency, you may well see Elevate+ appearing for brevity in our blogs and emails but we’re keeping an open mind about what we adopt long term— and we're open to suggestions.

So, while Elevate to Even Plus Incorporated navigates this transition, its mission remains steadfast: to elevate individuals, empower communities, and exceed expectations. Thank you for your curiosity and support as we embark on this next chapter.

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