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Why we are called Eleven+

We're often asked, "Why Eleven+? What does it mean?"


The question "why eleven?" is a good one. It is shorthand for Elevate to Even Plus.  As you can see in our brand, the word Eleven is made up of EL from elevate and EVEN.


When we elevate underserved students to even, we're helping them to fulfill their potential so they can take themselves beyond even. Beyond even is where "plus" comes in. Plus also references the other ways we help our communities, by supporting nonprofits to build capacity without taking a hit to their budgets and helping for-profits to advance their diversity, equity and inclusion goals.


Stevensky Mertyl headshot_edited.png

There is also intended symbolism — turning eleven on its side makes it an equal sign, as conveyed graphically in our logo. It represents our mission to disrupt the traditional approach to internships, which too often puts them out of reach for many of the students that need them the most.


We also like to think that our interns are better than a "perfect 10".  Like the parody band Spinal Tap's speaker volume that went to 11, Eleven+ interns also go beyond 10!   


And finally, Eleven+ is easier to say. Like many other organization names that have been shortened for convenience, such as EY for Ernst & Young or GE for General Electric, Eleven+ is faster off the tongue than Elevate to Even Plus Incorporated.


In our first summer, we supported 10 interns and provided scholarships to two students to attend camp counselor and lifeguard training. By our math, that's 11+.  

Thank you for your curiosity.

Our brand:

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Our logo:

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