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Horrified by death of George Floyd in May 2020, the Elevate to Even+ founder suddenly realized that it wasn't enough for him to be a passive supporter of equality, he had to become proactive. Soon after, an idea was born to help break the cycle of inequality while also helping other organizations already making a difference in our society. 

New Jersey, where we were established, is among the most segregated states for Black students in the US and sustains extreme levels of income inequality. Meanwhile, there are literally thousands of nonprofit organizations in the state working to make New Jersey a better place. And we quickly learned this phenomenon is not unique to New Jersey. 

By funding internships at other nonprofits, we facilitate valuable work experiences for high school and college students that can open doors to other opportunities in their education, work, and life. Participating nonprofits, meanwhile, get access to smart, motivated talent at little to no cost to them.

We also create opportunities with for-profit companies, where they fund the interns' wages directly.

If you are interested in supporting our efforts through donations, by creating internships, or by sourcing qualified interns, please contact us.

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