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The Elevate+ Speaker Series

Each summer, Elevate+ interns are invited to attend interactive sessions with accomplished people of color who have achieved success and are making a difference in the world.  Recordings of these conversations are available here by clicking on each speaker's name.


Bill Tipacti.jpg

June 18, 2024, 1:00 pm Eastern

After a career in journalism at Univision, Bill has transitioned to serve as its Senior Director of Community Empowerment, positively influencing the futures of the people Univision serves

Bill's Biography

Nora Ali.jpeg

July 23, 2024, 3:00 pm Eastern

Nora obtained her undergraduate degree from John's Hopkins University and her Juris Doctorate degree from Cornell University, She is currently a corporate lawyer with Adobe.

Nora's Biography

Stacy Huston.png

August 6, 2024, 1:00 pm Eastern

Stacy is the Executive Director of SixDegrees,  a nonprofit organization which supports impactful initiatives to sustain and enrich local communities. 


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Janine shares her experience pursuing a career in a field that lacked diversity and cultural sensitivity before pivoting into education and community activism. 

In addition to working in the Jersey City Public School System, she leads Brown Brilliance LLC providing teacher training and character-building workshops for youth.

Janine's Biography

Headshot 2023.jpg

Dr. Marcillo provides a candid view of the challenges of growing up in Spanish Harlem, overcoming family expectations in pursuit of an education, and key insights into what drove her to achieve greatness in business and academia.

Dr.  Marcillo is the Dean of the School of Business & Information Sciences at Felician University.

Dr. Marcillo's Biography

image (1).png

Chris discusses his personal journey to become a licensed professional counselor, including how his early work experience helped him to pivot into his chosen career and persevere through academic and financial challenges.

Chris earned two Masters Degrees and is an accomplished therapist helping individuals overcome anxiety and trauma.

Chris's Biography

Anthony, a sales and marketing leader and an Eleven+ board member, briefly shares his experience overcoming an unsettled childhood and the secrets to his professional success. He then provides practical advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile.

Anthony is an entrepreneurial force with a knack for driving business success.

Anthony's Biography


Curtis discusses growing up in and out of public housing in New London, CT, becoming a community advocate, and a champion for helping underserved young adults achieve their potential.  

He has worked over the last decade as a national sales and advertising account executive focusing on Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. He produced the documentary, "Those People".

Curtis's Biography

Lisa Davis.png

Lisa shares insights and lessons from her life growing up in Washington, DC, attending college in North Carolina, obtaining a Master's Degree from Howard University, and her career climbing the corporate ladder.

She is a Senior Managing Director at a global CEO advisory firm, developing strategies and communications plans for the world's leading CEOs.

Lisa's Biography


Recording not available.

Nzingha, a Brooklyn native, spoke to us about her path to athletic success,  becoming one of the United States most decorated fencers and starting the PISTE Academy to introduce Brooklyn youth to the sport.  

Nzingha is a 2x Olympian, World Champion and 4x Senior World Medalist. She became the first Black woman to win an individual medal at the Senior World Championships.

Nzingha's Biography

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