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January Journey, Miles of Impact: $7,000 raised in Inaugural Fundraiser

In a remarkable display of community spirit and determination, Elevate to Even+, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing summer internships for underserved students, concluded its first-ever peer-to-peer fundraiser titled "January Journey, Miles of Impact." The event, which took place throughout January, saw participants from all walks of life come together to walk, run, cycle, and elliptize (yes, that's a word now) their way to raising funds for a noble cause.

While the initial target was ambitious — aiming to raise $25,000 and collectively cover 11,001 miles — the event fell short of these numbers. However, what it achieved was no less impressive. With $7,000 raised and numerous miles covered, the event not only garnered significant financial support but also brought together a community passionate about creating opportunities for deserving students.

The statistics speak volumes about the impact of the event. Twenty-seven individuals signed up to participate, showing a strong commitment to the cause. Moreover, the support extended beyond the participants themselves, with 91 people sponsoring their efforts. This not only contributed to the fundraising goal but also marked a significant increase in Elevate to Even+'s donor base, highlighting the growing support for its mission.

Organized by Elevate to Even+ trustee Anthony Gonzalez, he said, “We aimed really high for our first time out with and activity like this and I am really happy with the result. We saw participants and donors from across the country. Even more than money, we raised awareness of what we’re all about and had a lot of fun.  This is something we can build upon year over year, and I am already thinking about a second Miles of Impact event for this fall.”

Among the standout contributors was Dale Klein, from Westchester County, NY who demonstrated exceptional dedication by accumulating an impressive 446 miles through biking, walking, and running throughout the month. Klein's efforts earned her the coveted Elevate to Even+ swag bag, serving as a testament to her commitment to the cause and an inspiration to others.

The "January Journey, Miles of Impact" event was more than just a fundraiser; it was a rallying cry for equity and opportunity. By transforming everyday activities into avenues for change, participants fueled the mission of the organization and paved the way for a brighter future for underserved students. Each mile covered was not merely a distance traveled but a step towards breaking down barriers and opening doors to new possibilities.

Looking ahead, Elevate to Even+ remains steadfast in its commitment to providing transformative experiences for young dreamers. With initiatives like "January Journey, Miles of Impact," the organization continues to empower students with the internships and professional opportunities they deserve, fostering a world where every individual has the chance to thrive, irrespective of their background.

As the organization reflects on the success of its inaugural peer-to-peer fundraiser, the message is clear: the journey towards equity and opportunity is a collective one. With each step taken and each dollar raised, participants have reaffirmed their dedication to creating a more inclusive society. The impact of their efforts will be felt for years to come, as students seize the opportunities made possible by their generosity and support.

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