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A Diversity Internship Program for the Mobility Industry, 

introducing college students to the exciting field of employee relocation and global workforce mobility.

About UM

Why Upward Mobility matters

Leaders in the field of employee mobility recognize the importance of a diverse workforce and the need to bring greater diversity into our industry. Additionally, across all industries, there is a well-documented lack of access to formative work experiences for students of color that perpetuates inequality and limits their post-graduation success.  Providing opportunities for underrepresented groups to work in the field of employee mobility lifts us all.

About Upward Mobility

Upward Mobility is a unique industry-wide program that has been developed to provide underserved students with access to formative work experiences with industry leading organizations in the field of employee mobility.   At the same time, it creates a talent pipeline of smart, motivated students of color through internships and brings far greater breadth of thought, perspective, and experience that is needed by mobility employers to ensure our continued shared success. 

Creating these opportunities exclusively for this targeted student population helps to level the playing field and positively impacts ongoing career success. 

Jimmie Darbonne & John Merriweather .jpg

2022 Upward Mobility intern Jimmie Darbonne worked at GO Destination Services, pictured here with GO CEO John Merriweather.


2022 Upward Mobility intern Ernange Alphonse worked at Synergy Global Housing.  It went so well, the internship was extended into the school year.

How it works

Upward Mobility partners with urban universities and HBCUs to source high-potential talent who will apply for internship opportunities.  Eligible students are persons of color. 


We partner with hosting companies that  pay a minimum of $15/hour to the students they select for their internships.  Hosts also provide a mentor to their interns, giving guidance and coaching throughout the summer. Hosts determine if their interns work in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid arrangement.

Hosting employers provide job descriptions for their available positions, reaching potential applicants via our partner schools, which invite  their students to apply for jobs of interest. After reviewing applications and completing an interview process, hosts select and hire their interns for the summer.

How it Works
Industry leaders that have offered Upward Mobility internships so far...
Intern Employers

It’s more than a great summer job!

In addition to performing their assigned duties, students participate in industry-wide training, giving them a broad understanding of what employee mobility entails while also exposing them to the rich, varied opportunities that exist in our field.  They attend networking events and may even participate in a project with peer interns in other organizations to solve shared challenges across the industry, ultimately presenting their input to a panel representing leaders from each host. 

Each intern is provided with free membership to Worldwide ERC®, the premier mobility industry association.

2022 Intern of the Year.jpg
There's More!

Program Coordination

Eleven+, the diversity internship nonprofit, administers the program across all participating schools and host companies.  Program coordination includes job readiness training for the interns, ongoing support, and overall program assessment and reporting.

Upward Mobility is expanding its partnerships with industry employers, colleges and universities.  Organizations that are interesting in arranging an exploratory conversation about participating in Upward Mobility are encouraged to contact Eleven+ Chief Program Officer Carolyn Parelli at


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